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Advanced Ergonomics, Inc. provides ergonomics services designed to reduce worker's compensation injuries, including back injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome, cumulative trauma disorders (CTD's) and other injuries that can occur as a result of highly repetitive and physically demanding job tasks. 

Our Physical Abilities Testing Program has been designed to comply with guidelines set forth by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and the Americans With Disabilities Act.  This program has been validated through prospective validation studies, and typically results in reductions of 20 – 40% in new hire worker’s compensation injuries.  For more information, please see our AEI - Program in Review  our AEI Facts and our Online Seminar on Physical Abilities Testing.  

Our Ergonomics Consulting services encompass job hazard analysis, risk assessment and Ergonomics Program development.  All services are performed by Certified Professional Ergonomists, and are designed to conform to OSHA and NIOSH guidelines.  Find out more about the BCPE. 

Our ADVANCED ERGONOMICS TRAINING courses are designed to provide general principles of practical workplace ergonomics.    Training can be focused on general ergonomics principles, or it can be customized to the specific industry or needs of our audience. 

We also publish The Advanced Ergonomics Manual, a comprehensive technical resource, and a free online review of ergonomic products entitled, The Ergonomic Products Report.

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