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Number of records: Date: 09/08/2013
Time: 09:33:43

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Raloxifene Prevention of Osteoporosis No N/C
Ramipril Hypotensive Agent Yes Unknown
Ranitidine Ulcers No N/C
Rebetron Hepatitis C No N/C
Reglan Heartburn No N/C
Relafen Anti-inflammatory No Unknown
Remeron Antidepressants No Unknown
Remicade Rheumatoid Arthritis No Unknown
Repaglinide Antidiabetic Agent No N/C
Requip Parkinsons No N/C
Reserpine Hypotensive Agent Yes Unknown
Restoril Sleep Aid No Unknown
Retin A Leukemia/Cell Stimulant No N/C
Retrovir Antivirals No N/C
Revia Opiate Antagonist No N/C
Rezulin Antidiabetic No N/C
Rhinocort Oral Anti-inflammatory No N/C
Ribavirin Hepatitis C No N/C
Ripped Fuil Dietary No Unknown
Risperdal Tranquilizer No Unknown
Risperidone Tranquilizer No Unknown
Ritalin ADD No Unknown
Robaxin Muscle Relaxant No N/C
Robitussin Expectorants No N/C
Robitussin-DM Expectorants No N/C
Rofecoxid Anti-inflammatory No Unknown
Roferon AIDS / Hepatitis C No Unknown
Rolaids GI Drug No N/C
Rondec Expectorant No N/C
Ropinirole Parkinsons No Uknown
Roxicet Pain Reliever No N/C
Rozerem Regulate Sleep Cycle No N/C
Rynatan Allergies No N/C
Rythmol Antiarrythmic No Unknown