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Product Evaluation

Advanced Ergonomics, Inc. specializes in ergonomics. We offer manufacturers an opportunity to have their equipment or products evaluated in relation to appropriate ergonomic guidelines and principles. The review process is headed by Joe Selan, Ph.D., CPE, Senior Vice President of Advanced Ergonomics.

Product evaluations performed by AEI include: Wafer manufacturing systems, hand-held data collection terminals, keyboards, hand tools, handling assist devices, seating, workstations, airplane cockpits, software, and many other products for company and individual use.

We perform a careful evaluation of each piece of equipment. This includes studying the product at our office, as well as field research that may be necessary to understand a specific application.

Evaluation issues included

  • Appropriateness of functions allocated to machine vs. human.
  • Acceptability of weights handled and forces exerted when using the equipment.
  • Acceptability of product dimensions based on physical size of the intended users.
  • User training.
  • Cost benefit analysis.
  • Acceptability of anticipated postures when using the equipment.
  • Control and display issues.
  • Acceptability of equipment given environmental conditions.
  • Ease of maintenance.

A detailed report is prepared on each product describing the acceptability of the product's features, including specific modifications that could make the product better.

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