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 Why Prospective Validation Studies?

The Federal Uniform Guidelines for Employee Selection Procedures provides that employment decisions must be job-related and consistent with business necessity. The highest level of defensibility is a criterion-related prospective validation study. Advanced Ergonomics, Inc. is the only company in America having performed three independent prospective validation studies on physical ability testing. In 1986, Charles K. Anderson, Ph.D. CPE, President of Advanced Ergonomics, Inc. headed a two-year prospective validation study to measure the impact of physical ability testing on worker performance. The results showed a direct relationship between the applicants' test scores and their ability to perform the job. A key result was that those who failed the test battery had a higher incidence of injuries, more than double that of those passing. Those who passed the test battery had a higher rated job performance in areas such as productivity, days lost and turnover.

In 1992, AEI completed a prospective validation study for the retail industry with similar results. In 1994, another prospective validation study was completed for the beverage distribution industry.
The Uniform Guidelines go on to provide that the second highest level of defensibility is a content validation study. Advanced Ergonomics has conducted over 350 content studies on physical ability testing. In addition, we have conducted over 100 pre-post injury analyses documenting the effectiveness of the physical ability testing program. Typically, workers' compensation injuries for new hires is reduced by 20-40%, and sometimes much higher, with implementation of the testing program.

Today, Advanced Ergonomics, Inc. has the largest database in the country on physical ability testing, with over 1500 client locations using our services, and having performed over 1,000,000 tests.

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Why Prospective Validation Studies?

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