General AEI Facts

  • AEI has been developing testing programs for employers for over 30 years.

  • AEI has performed over 1,000,000 tests for client companies to date.

  • AEI has over 400 nationally recognized clients testing in over 1400 locations nationally.

  • The AEI proprietary testing program assesses job demands such as strength, cardiovascular endurance and agility and designs testing to ensure that new hires are capable of performing the essential tasks associated with physically demanding jobs.

  • AEI is the only physical abilities testing company whose job analysis process is based in industrial engineering and includes quantification of job-specific energy expenditure demands using advanced wearable technology for development of cardiovascular endurance testing with job-specific pass/fail criteria.

  • AEI clients can be found in Grocery, Beverage, Retail Distribution, Route Sales, Transportation, Milling, Mining, Consumer Products Manufacturing, Food Manufacturing, Construction, Utilities, Health Care and other industries with physically demanding jobs.


Validation Studies

  • AEI is the only physical abilities testing company that has performed three separate prospective criterion related validation studies.

  • The AEI studies demonstrate the job-specificity and predictability of the test battery by showing that applicants who failed the test experienced 2.5 times greater injury rates than those who passed the test.

  • The AEI validation studies meet the EEOC requirements set forth in the Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures that testing programs be validated as being specifically related to the job demands and being predictive of job performance.

  • AEI validates and tests only for job-specific essential functions as required by the ADA.

  • AEI testing additionally complies with ADA requirements by allowing for consideration of accommodations in testing protocols and by providing an interactive process for applicants who fail to contact AEI and ask questions about their test results.


Legal Defensibility

  • The AEI studies have served as the basis of the AEI testing program, which has proven to be legally defensible in over 110 challenges to date.

  • In every legal challenge to date, AEI has been successful in defending the testing program, and in every case the client has been allowed to continue using the testing program.

  • AEI provides expert witness to defend the testing program at no additional cost to the client.


Program Effectiveness

  • AEI testing has shown to decrease new hire injury rates by 47% on average.

  • AEI testing has shown to decrease employee turnover by 21% on average.

  • AEI testing has shown to increase overall employee productivity.

  • AEI has performed multiple Pre/Post analyses demonstrating the effectiveness of testing in various industries.


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