Advanced Ergonomics Physical Abilities Testing Program Management

Guaranteed 24-hour response time for Pass/Fail decisions

AEI will render an objective pass/fail decision based on your company's job requirements.

Quality Control for Employee Testing
AEI monitors testing personnel, test scores, equipment, and retest decisions. AEI also reassesses the test battery annually to assure the test is current and legally defensible.

Data Management

All test scores will be confidentially recorded in our database by location and by individuals tested.

Applicant 800 Line

Any applicant receiving a score resulting in a "Fail" will be given the opportunity to have the test results explained to them by a trained professional at AEI. This is a documented call that is also part of the ADA's "Interactive Process"

Pre/Post Analysis

After 12 months of test, an analysis of injury rates pre- and post- implementation is performed and documented to determine program effectiveness. This document becomes part of the validation document and proof of business necessity.

Expert Witness Availibility

The staff of AEI is qualified to serve as an expert witness for employee screening issues, including ADA, EEOC and OSHA. If called upon, we will provide the documentation and explain how the program meets the necessary legal requirements. The only cost will be travel expenses.


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